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Founded by Sam King, a certified travel agent (pictured aboard Royal Caribbean's Brilliance of the Seas in Madeira, Portugal), in 2017, Travel At Large was launched with a simple ideal - a person's size should not prevent them from exploring the world. Sam has been determined to see the world at his terms and on his budget and has spent countless hours researching every aspect of his trips. After being sometimes (blatantly) asked by friends and family how he was so easily gallivanting around the globe at his...size, he realized that most larger folks aren't traveling like he is. He also realized that the information and tools for this simply didn't exist. He embarked on a journey to change that. He set out to provide Plus-Sized folks who may have dreams of travel & cruising with all the services and unique information they need, powered by the first-hand knowledge and research necessary to make for the perfect vacation. Don't wait to see what you've been missing out there; reach out to us today!

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